Floryo 100% Whole Jowar Atta


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Naturally gluten-free atta, made from handpicked 100% pure, superior quality Jowar

Net wt.: 500 g

500 g
1 Kg

Your order is milled and packed only once it is placed. (Best Before 30 Days from Packing)

Looking for a cereal that is not only nutritious but also helps maintain your bone strength, immunity and digestive health? Jowar or ‘Sorgum’ is the perfect choice for you!

Floryo 100% Whole Jowar Atta is freshly milled using responsibly sourced grains, from farms in Rajasthan, that are hygienically processed. It contains zero blends, chemicals, bleach, or preservatives, making it the perfect ingredient for roti, bhakri, and other traditional Indian dishes.

Customer Reviews

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Rajesh B
Good things come with patience!!

I am a nutritionist myself. I was in Kolkata when I heard about Floryo but they did not have delivery there. My first instinct was to try their products.
Back in my childhood I have seen traditional chakki grinding that generates lot of heating ultimately reducing the nutrient level. Floryo claims that they don't go with chakki grinding which is a huge plus point.

My destiny calls me to Bangalore and then I have tried Floryo and to my surprise they are too good. Only few agricultural fields of different states produce wheat varieties like Lokwan, Khapli, Kathia, Bansi etc and guess what, I have found Lokwan under their belt.
Since then I am buying their Lokwan, Sharbati, Channa Sattu and Jowar aata varieties and they are surprisingly good and you can customise as well as per your needs.
So I have started recommending Floryo to my clients. One final point if you can bring in Khapli variety as well in near future.

Hello! Rajesh,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We appreciate your trust in Floryo freshly-milled atta.

We're delighted to hear that you've enjoyed our Lokwan, Sharbati, Channa Sattu, and Jowar varieties. We take pride in our unique method of milling the finest quality grains only once an order is placed. This ensures that you receive the freshest and finest atta in town, which not only makes delicious rotis but also keeps them soft for longer.

Your recommendation to bring Khapli variety into our selection is duly noted. We're constantly striving to expand our offerings, and your input is valuable.

Thank you for choosing Floryo.

~Team Floryo

parimala GuruDutt kulkarni
authentic smell

excellent quality

Hello! Parimal,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our 100% Whole Jowar Atta. We're delighted to hear you appreciated its authentic smell and excellent quality.

Floryo stands distinct in the market with our commitment to authenticity and freshness. Unlike many other leading brands, we choose only the finest quality grains and mill them specifically upon receiving an order. This ensures our customers receive atta with unmatched freshness, authentic taste, aroma and texture. We're proud that you've experienced this differentiation firsthand.

Thank you for choosing Floryo. We look forward to serving you again.

~Team Floryo

Awesome whole wheat atta

Floryo is awesome company, we got fresh atta in less than 24 hours, excellent packing, it has great taste, we are ordering other arras too, all are great, thanks!

Hello! Seema,

Thank you for such an uplifting review on our 100% Whole Wheat Atta! It's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the freshness, packaging and most importantly, the taste.

At Floryo, we strive to provide our customers with only the best and your feedback is a testament to that. We're thrilled you're exploring our other offerings as well. Your continued trust and satisfaction are our greatest reward

~Team Floryo

Rashmi Gaddi

Since I discovered Floryo, I have been ordering regularly and I am very satisfied with the products. I don't buy any other brand attas now

Hello! Rashmi,

We're truly elated to hear about your dedication to Floryo! It's heartening to know you've found a match in us. Our unique approach of milling grains only upon order ensures you receive the freshest & finest atta, elevating it to superior quality. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating our efforts.

Stay delightful with every Floryo bite!

~Team Floryo

Hameedbadsha Nadaf
Good jowar atta

Nice quality

Hello! Hameed,

Thank you for your feedback on our Floryo 100% Whole Jowar Atta! We're pleased to hear you appreciate its quality. We strive to offer the best to our customers. Enjoy your meals with Floryo!

~Team Floryo