Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati)

Superior MP Sharbati Wheat

₹ 81

Made from only the purest Sharbati wheat sourced from the fields of sehore in Madhya Pradesh, this whole wheat atta is made just like it was meant to be, by traditional stone grinding.

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Fine (महीन)
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Your order is milled and packed only once it is placed. (Best Before 30 Days from Packing)

Get the healthiest and freshest atta (flour) in town with Floryo whole wheat atta (flour). This pure, unadulterated atta (flour) is made with the finest quality wheat grains and is milled & packed only after your order, ensuring the absolute freshest taste. It's also rich in protein and fiber and free of trans fats.

Floryo whole wheat atta (flour) is made from the finest sharbati wheat grains, resulting in rotis that have a nutty flavor and remain softer for longer. With a higher fiber content than packed atta (flour), this atta (flour) is perfect for those looking for a healthier roti option.

Customer Reviews

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Manjiri Gadgil

Wheat flour should be more fine. Quality of grains is excellent

Hello! Manjiri,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta. We're pleased to hear that you appreciate the quality of our grains.

We understand your observation about the coarseness of our flour. It's important for us to clarify that unlike many leading brands in the market, we at Floryo prioritize nutritional value and authenticity. We mill our whole wheat without removing the bran, which is a rich source of fiber. While removing the bran does result in a finer and smoother texture, it significantly reduces the nutritional content, especially the fiber.

We're committed to preserving the full nutrition of whole wheat in our products. Nonetheless, your feedback is vital as we aim to improve and meet your expectations. Thanks for choosing Floryo.

~Team Floryo

Arun Kumar
Very good

It was my first experience with Floryo, the flour was milled to perfection, and the fresh aroma as u open the packet it's really nostalgic reminds me of my grandmother. The chapatis turned out soft even after a long time.... thank you would like to try more of your flours.

Hello! Arun,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're delighted that Floryo's atta brought back cherished memories. Our unique made-to-order milling ensures you always get the freshest and finest quality atta. We look forward to serving you more of our products!

~Team Floryo

harish .

Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati)

Seema Kumari
Love the atta, fresh and tasty

I love your product, it taste the best

Hello! Seema,

We're absolutely delighted to hear that you love our 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati). Our aim has always been to provide top-quality and fresh products to our customers, so it's great to know that you find it both fresh and tasty. Your positive feedback motivates us to continue delivering the best.

Thanks once again for choosing our atta and for your wonderful words. We look forward to serving you in the future. Stay healthy and happy cooking!

~Team Floryo

Mayank GArg
Very Good Quality

I am using Floryo since few month and Quality of their Atta is very good. I have tried Wheat, Bazra, Ragi

Hello! Mayank,

Thank you for highlighting the superior quality of our Floryo freshly-milled Wheat, Bajra, and Ragi atta. We take immense pride in our unique approach; milling grains only upon an order, ensuring you receive the freshest flour.

Unlike many popular brands, we refrain from blending grains of varying qualities to cut costs. Our traditional stone chakki milling technique preserves the grain's true essence and nutritional value.

We would also love to recommend exploring our range further. With over 50 variants of freshly-milled flours, there's much more for you to discover and enjoy.

~Team Floryo