Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati)

Superior MP Sharbati Wheat

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Made from only the purest Sharbati wheat sourced from the fields of sehore in Madhya Pradesh, this whole wheat atta is made just like it was meant to be, by traditional stone grinding.

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Get the healthiest and freshest atta (flour) in town with Floryo whole wheat atta (flour). This pure, unadulterated atta (flour) is made with the finest quality wheat grains and is milled & packed only after your order, ensuring the absolute freshest taste. It's also rich in protein and fiber and free of trans fats.

Floryo whole wheat atta (flour) is made from the finest sharbati wheat grains, resulting in rotis that have a nutty flavor and remain softer for longer. With a higher fiber content than packed atta (flour), this atta (flour) is perfect for those looking for a healthier roti option.

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Hello! Maria,

Thankyou for an excellent feedback on our 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati).

~Team Floryo.

Dashleen Bhandari
good flour

High fibre. Really like the atta

Hello! Dashleen,

Thanks for your feedback on 100% Whole Wheat Atta! We're happy you like the high fiber content and find it useful.

Whole wheat flour is fiber-rich, promoting healthy digestion and satiety. It's also a nutritious option for baking tasty and wholesome dishes. We appreciate your support and hope you continue enjoying our product. Feel free to contact us for queries/feedback.

~Team Floryo

Sharbati atta

Hi, the first time I bought sharbati atta, it was so good..the rotis were soft and tasty.. we really liked it. So, I ordered 5 kg and the atta this time is very bad.. the rotis are coming out so hard.

Hello! Divya,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear that our 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati) you purchased this time did not meet your expectations.

Upon reviewing your feedback, we noticed that you had initially purchased our 100% Whole Wheat Atta MP Sharbati) with high fiber. However, this time you ordered our Extra High Fiber Atta, which has a higher fiber content than the previous one.

Extra high fiber whole wheat atta can result in harder rotis as compared to regular wheat atta due to its extra fiber content, which tends to absorb moisture and create a rougher texture in the dough. While this extra high fiber atta is good for gut health & also helps in regulating blood sugar, this can make the dough harder to knead and the rotis denser and tougher to cook.

We suggest adjusting the quantity of water while kneading the dough. Using warm water to knead the dough will help make softer rotis but its not absolutely necessary. Please give the dough rest for about 10-15min and ensure that the rotis are cooked well on a low flame.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 9164889900 for further assistance, if any. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope to continue serving you in the future.

~Team Floryo


Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Sharbati)

Gaurav Tiwari

As described

Hello! Gaurav,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our 100% whole wheat atta. We're thrilled to hear that you found it to be a great product.

At Floryo, we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality, freshly-milled nutritious products and we're glad to see that our 100% whole wheat atta has met your expectations.

We appreciate your support and hope that you continue to enjoy our products

~Team Floryo