Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Lokwan)

Superior MP Lokwan Wheat

₹ 71

Traditionally Stone grounded, made from 100% pure Lokwan wheat (no blends), sourced from the farms in Madhya Pradesh.

Choose your favourite Texture & Fibre :

Texture: Fine (महीन)

Fine (महीन)
Coarse (दरदरा)

Fiber: High

Extra High

Net wt.: 1 kg

1 kg
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Your order is milled and packed only once it is placed. (Best Before 30 Days from Packing)

Looking for an all-natural, fiber-rich and protein-packed atta? Look no further than Floryo Superior Lokwan Atta (Flour). Stone-ground from the finest quality wheat grains, this atta (flour) is perfect for making delicious, healthy rotis & parathas. It's also cholesterol-friendly and contains zero Trans Fats.

Rotis made from Floryo Whole Wheat Atta (Flour) are soft and fluffy, and are a perfect way to keep your digestive system healthy. The high protein and vitamin content of the flour also helps boost your immunity.

Customer Reviews

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Shashi Achar

Product is good .we enjoy eating chapathi s & Puri s made out of floryo flour

Hello! Sashi,

Thank you for your positive feedback on Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta. We're thrilled you enjoy your chapatis and puris! Our unique selling point is our commitment to freshness: your grains are milled only once you place an order, ensuring you get the freshest and finest atta. Plus, it's traditionally stone-ground under hygienic conditions.

We value your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon.

~Team Floryo

Smeeta Sacheti

Good service and quality!
Very happy to find floryo😊

Hello! Smeeta,

Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you're happy with Floryo.

At Floryo, we pride ourselves on our unique proposition where we mill the grains only once an order is placed. This ensures that you receive the finest and freshest quality of atta, bringing the best to your table every time.

Thank you for choosing Floryo. We look forward to serving you again!

~Team Floryo

Venkatesan K N

Floryo 100% Whole Wheat Atta (MP Lokwan)

Sarala R S Avadhani
Whole wheat flour (mp lokwan)

Flour is nice. Rotis are tasty and soft.

Kavya Purohit
It was ok

I opted for floriyo because i wanted coarse atta ...the first packet i used was coarse and i was satisfied with it...but the second one was fine atta ...which i don't prefer.

Hello! Kavya,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We truly value your insights and aim to provide the best products to our customers.

At Floryo, our fine & coarse atta textures come within a specific range of granularity to ensure consistent quality. We took the liberty to check your order details and it appears that both packets of atta you received were from the same batch. It's surprising to hear about the stark difference in texture between the two packets.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We'll certainly look into this matter further to ensure such discrepancies are minimized in the future.

~Team Floryo