Customized Multigrain Atta with Soyabean

₹ 99

100% whole-grain Customized Multigrain Atta! Make your own multigrain perfectly blended with the goodness of high-quality wheat, Soyabean & choice of millets (Ragi, Bajra, Jowar & Barley).

Already contains: Wheat & Soyabean

Select atleast 2 grains

Grains: Ragi Jowar

Ragi Jowar
Ragi Bajra
Ragi Barley
Jowar Bajra
Jowar Barley
Bajra Barley
Ragi Jowar Bajra
Ragi Jowar Barley
Ragi Bajra Barley
Jowar Bajra Barley
Ragi Jowar Bajra Barley

Net wt.: 1 Kg

1 Kg
5 Kg
Your order is milled and packed only once it is placed. (Best Before 30 Days from Packing)

 At Floryo, we perfectly understand that you might have an unique nutritional requirement or taste preferences. To address this unique requirement we offer one of its kind customised multigrain atta with 100% pure & natural grains & millets.

Now you can choose from the wide range of traditionally stone chakki atta to make your own customise multigrain mix which is perfectly crafted by our expert nutritionist that suits your diet.

Our Customized multigrain with Soyabean atta contains wheat & soyabean. You can choose atleast 2 or more grains from Bajra, Barley, Jowar & Ragi to create 6 grains, 5 grains or 4 grains multigrain atta according to your preference.

Can’t decide which grains to incorporate into your diet? Don’t worry! We have the solution for you. Our expert nutritionist will help you choose the best millets and grains according to your needs and lifestyle. Click Here to Book a Session.