Floryo Peas with Wheat Atta

₹ 149

Filled with goodness of naturally dried Green Peas perfectly blended with finest quality whole wheat atta

Net wt.: 350 g

350 g

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This freshly processed ready-to-use atta is a perfect blend of dried green peas, cheese, spices & condiments with finest quality whole wheat. It is rich in iron, protein & fiber and a great source of vitamin B1,B3,B5,B9. Parathas & Puris made from it are nutritious, tasty & a convenient addition to your everyday breakfast & meals.

Floryo Peas with Wheat Atta is densely rich in Fibre and Iron, apart from being free of trans-fats. It can be used to make rotis, paratha and puris that are both exceptionally tasty and incredibly nutritious. A convenient addition to your every day meals.

Customer Reviews

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Sucheta Khemka
Peas aata

After making chapati its very soft n tasty

Hello! Sucheta,

Thank you for your positive feedback on our Floryo Peas with Wheat Atta! We're glad you love the soft, tasty chapatis it makes. Crafted by expert chefs, this atta is not only delicious but also packed with health benefits.

Could you share the love? A photo of your chapatis on social media platforms would be inspiring to our community. Your support helps others discover the joy of healthy eating!

~Team Floryo

Manohar Kumar

Floryo Peas with Wheat Atta

Average and Overpriced Product

At around Rs 149 for 350 gms, you expect an atta that will be easy to knead, and tastes great out of the box without having to tweak it. This is none of those. And the green peas are not around as well. The end product is a less than desirable atta mix with bita of green peas thrown in, which doesn't make sense. And yes, no cheese taste found, as mentioned in the ingredients.

Hello! Abhishek,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our Peas with Wheat Atta. We appreciate your honesty and value your opinion. We apologize if the product did not meet your expectations.

Regarding the dried peas variant, kindly note that kneading may differ from regular wheat atta. The cheese flavor may be overshadowed by the peas' aroma and taste. We apologize for confusion caused, if any.

We're genuinely surprised that you did not find our Peas with Wheat Atta to your liking, as it happens to be one of our most beloved products. However, we understand that tastes vary and we want to ensure your satisfaction.

In order to cater to your preferences, we would like to recommend trying our other exciting flavors, such as Cheese & Garlic with Wheat, Methi with Wheat, or Pudina with Wheat. These options are sure to impress your taste buds and bring a delightful twist to your meals.

~Team Floryo

Richa Srivastava
Great for mixing with pooris too

Try mixing half of this to regular aata and use the dough to make pooris. Tastes very good. Can we used in naans too

Hello! Richa,

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!

We're delighted to hear that Floryo Peas with Wheat Atta is not only great on its own but also perfect for mixing with regular atta to make delicious pooris. It's fantastic that you enjoyed the taste when using the dough for pooris.

We appreciate your suggestion about using it in naans as well and we hope you would have enjoyed it as well. Your support means a lot to us and we're thrilled to bring you a versatile product that adds a delightful twist to your culinary adventures. Happy cooking!

~Team Floryo

Swathi Sreerama

You should introduce more veggie atta flours.Its a great quick fix on busy or lazy days

Hello! Swathi,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion for more veggie atta flours.

We've listened to you and introduced three new variants: Pudina with wheat atta, Cheese Garlic with Wheat Atta, and Missi Roti Atta. These options are delicious, convenient, and perfect for your busy days.

We value your input and appreciate your support. If you have any more suggestions or questions, please let us know. We're here to help!

~Team Floryo