Premium Flour Scoop (Neem-Wood)

Premium Neem-Wood Flour Scoop

₹ 285

Premium I 100% Natural I Neem-Wood I Food safe

Discover Floryo's Neem Wood Flour Scoop - our green gift to your kitchen!                         

Handcrafted with care and respect for Mother Earth, this scoop symbolizes a stronger commitment to sustainability.

Good for you & great for our planet. When you choose Floryo, you choose tradition, quality and a greener tomorrow.

Dimension : 22.5cm X 7cm (LXW)

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Raghuveer S

Premium Flour Scoop (Neem-Wood)


Premium Flour Scoop (Neem-Wood)

Bhagyalakshmi Sagar
Wooden scoop was broken at edge which was attached with adhesive

Wooden scoop was broken at edge which was attached with adhesive

Avinash John

Providing an wooden scoop, always reminds the ladies of floryo , which can add up to try for other products as business.As its rightly said, A bird in hand, is worth two in bush"...r

Hello! Avinash,

Thanks for your witty insight! Our neem-wood flour scoop isn't just a tool, but a nifty reminder of Floryo's delights. Like the saying goes, 'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush'—or in our case, a scoop in hand might lead to a pantry full of Floryo freshly-milled treasures. :).

Happy scooping and discovering!

~Team Floryo.

Suma BR
Very nice 👌🏻 and sustainable

The way it is designed and the finishing is cool , just loved it

Hello! Suma,

We're delighted to hear that you've taken a liking to our eco-friendly neem-wood flour scoop! Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and we're glad the design and finish have caught your eye and won your approval.

Thank you for choosing Floryo. Your support helps us keep crafting with care and conscience.

~Team Floryo